Racer Information

In case you missed the emails, these are the key items to know before you race.


1) NAVIGATION: To keep this race fun and more than a dirt road race, we strive to break the race up with single track sections.  This mean each racer must be responsible for navigating the course.  Because the trails we use are open to the non-racing public during this event, we are unable to block off every trail not in use.  We believe in sharing the trails and are asking our racers to help with a sprit of cooperation.

2)  PASSING: Because our event has nearly equal parts of double track and single track trails, we respectfully ask each racer to allow faster racers to pass through.  This may require both racers to shift off the race line momentarily.  Many races are 100% single track and racers find a way to allow faster riders to pass through.  We ask for the same consideration to be given to your fellow competitors.

3)  CLASSES: We request that participants race in the ability class they race in throughout the summer season.  We are going to use the honor system, but hope that sport racers race in the sport classes, experts in the expert classes, etc.  This will greatly reduce traffic back ups and allow us to continue to offer race courses that are fun to ride and race.



(We card everyone. Just sayin'.)
Note: There is absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed in the beer tent area, other than your delicious Short's Brewing craft beer bought in the beer tent area. Please also know you will not be allowed to bring your purchased Short's beer outside the beer tent area, even to hit the Porta Potty. Sorry, but our liquor license depends on you!


Race day is an exciting time and we'll have all the great things you've come to love about an MSB race with a whole lot more. This year we'll have a great variety of Short's Brewing beers to help celebrate the day. 

Other amenities include:

  • Local food trucks
  • Coffee and warm fires
  • Emergency bike repair services
  • Shopping at the MSB Gear Store



First responders will be stationed at each water/aid station and finish line.  If you have a medical emergency call 911.  Pack tire repair kits and extra food/water if this is your first race.  Remote sections of the course are not reachable with motorized vehicle for rescue.  If a rider needs a ride back to Mt. Holiday call (231) 944-5437.  Drop out points are marked on the map here. 



Thanks to FOX Motors we now have the FOX LOT.  If you have a  "FOX Head" sign on your dash follow directions to the FOX LOT.  Please know we will be auditing the Fox Lot - crashers may just be towed up to Short's Brewing in Bellaire.

The VI Jeep lot is no longer available due to sponsor changes.  Sorry Jeep lovers.

When possible, carpool. Parking is onsite, which is great, but it will be tight.

Drive a 4x4? You'll be parked on the ski hill. Cars will be directed to the flat lots in front of the lodge and south of the lodge near the maintenance building. THERE WILL BE SIGNS DIRECTING YOU AS WELL AS VOLUNTEERS.



All riders entered into the HEAVY METAL category must have bikes that weigh at least 32 pounds with NO CARBON.  Weigh-in will be race day at 7:30 am at the McLain Cycle tent.



Athena category is for women only, 150 lb minimum.  Clydesday category is for men only, 200 lb minimum.



If you are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your category's age group, you get a little love. Just pick up your trophy mug at the awards table following the race. We'll call you up to our Age Group podium beginning at 12pm noon. 



Riders caught or reported trespassing on private land up until 7 am Saturday Race Day and ending 5 pm Saturday Race Day will be blacklisted from Mud, Sweat, and Beers. The proper authorities will be notified also. If you have questions about what private land is, contact us here and check out our course map. Sorry but without these landowners, our race can't happen.



Check your start time and schedule for the day. Please note, if your child is a participating rider, the Ginger Ale and Root Beer races are scheduled so parents riding in the Stout or Pale Ale can ride their race and still watch their child race. Preliminary start times are posted here.

Any rider starting in a wave earlier than their scheduled wave will be disqualified from the competition. Please check your wave start times before lining up. We hate to have a great ride wiped off the records.Registration is wide open for the Ginger Ale and Root Beer. Make sure your kids are registered either online, or at Mt. Holiday on race day. 


Want to transfer your registration to another rider? CLick here.


All protests regarding posted times, finish order, or racer conduct must be submitted in writing to the Race Jury by 3:30 PM on race day. The Race Jury will be comprised of the Chiefs of Course, Timing, and Registration. The decisions of the Jury are final.



If you should decide to drop out of the race, go to the nearest aid station and inform a race official of your decision. A support vehicle will be called to transport you from one of the vehicle pick up spots on the course map (eg. The WALL, Strombolis Aid Station, Timber Ridge, English Woods Aid Station, Nipple).  We also need to account for all riders who do not cross the finish line.  Please text your plate number and the words DROP OUT to 810-869-3255.



Three aid stations will be positioned around the course to provide backup water and medical support.  The aid station in the English Woods neighborhood will be passed twice.  Be sure to take plenty of water and food.  Please be aware that aid stations will be close down at the following times:

The Rock - 11 am

10K/25K Split - 12 noon

English Woods - 1 pm